With unique understanding gained through our divisional strengths, CWC excels in the construction, maintenance, and restoration of all concrete related structures. We approach specialty or non-garage related projects with the same attention to detail utilized for our Design/Build and Restoration divisions. We consider the specific needs, capacity constraints, and design or repair requirements of any specialty contract while providing a streamlined project for owners to save both time and capital. Our understanding of the materials involved, namely structural concrete, makes CWC the natural choice for concrete-related projects.

Stadiums are exposed concrete structures that have unique needs that CWC can expertly address thanks to our expertise with similar needs of a garage: water protection, the need for contraction and expansion during seasonal changes, and coatings that protect the owner’s investment.

Repairs to our regional infrastructure, such as functioning dams, also require a high level of precision as they are constantly being worn by water and freeze/thaw conditions. CWC provides the extensive knowledge of concrete repair and protection under such harsh circumstances.

Continuing to focus on durability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness have allowed CWC to successfully extend our capabilities beyond parking garage facilities.

Capabilities Include:

  • Infrastructure deterioration
    – Dams/Water Treatment
  • External strengthening systems
  • Stadium rehabilitation
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement

I have enjoyed working with Carl Walker Construction for over 20 years on many successful projects involving concrete repair/rehabilitation, new parking garages/decks, plazas and waterproofing systems. The projects that I’ve worked on with Carl Walker Construction have ranged from simple concrete repair to complex rehabilitation involving unique post-tensioned and/or cathodic protection systems. Over the last 20+ years Carl Walker Construction has consistently shown me that they have the desired expertise, integrity and attitude to work together, in both a design-bid and design-build capacity, to successfully complete projects both efficiently and economically.

Evan A. Rowles, P.E.
Atlantic Engineering Services