UPMC Shadyside Hospital – Centre Ave Garage

This restoration and maintenance project called for a new deck coating to be placed on the roof level of the deck, extensive beam and column repairs, and full depth repairs including miscellaneous stair tower work for Shadyside Hospital Centre Avenue Garage belonging to UPMC.

The Centre Avenue garage was built out of pre-cast double tees with an office space above and their column lines protruding through the garage. This project was a great way to show off our restorative abilities since the scope of work was vast, including concrete repairs, sealant work, deck coating, sealer applications, below grade waterproofing, epoxy injection, and carbon fiber strengthening. The project touched every square foot of the garage and still allowed for traffic flow in this very busy hospital.

The challenges CWC faced during the restoration of the Centre Ave project were very few, aside from keeping the garage open to staff and patrons. This project went very smoothly, and was completed on time and on budget.

Project Highlights
• Industry – Hospital
• Location – Pittsburgh, PA
• Specifications—
Concrete beam, column and deck repairs.
Carbon fiber installation
Epoxy injection of structural cracks.