University of Kentucky Parking Garages

The University of Kentucky owns and manages 9 parking garages throughout its urban campus. For the past 5 years, CWC has been awarded the annual repair and maintenance contract. This work includes many different scopes and trades and requires a tremendous amount of logistic planning and scheduling. Typically, the work takes place both in the summer and during the semester which requires an expertise in traffic control and work scheduling, both of which CWC has provided.
Over the past 5 years, CWC has removed and applied over 400,000 SF of coating throughout the campus. The annual repairs typically include thousands of feet of caulking removal and replacement both horizontal and vertical applications (7-8 stories). In the last 2 years, CWC has been contracted to supply and install supplemental steel to help support deteriorated post-tension structures. This work has included over 500 tons of galvanized steel installed in a post-tensioned garage which required x-ray scanning in order to avoid the PT tendons.

The University of Kentucky is a high-profile client that requires the utmost expertise in safety and quality. They trust that CWC will not only provide this but also represent the University in a professional and safe manner, which we have been doing for more than five years.

Project Highlights
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• Location – Lexington, KY
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