Roche Molecular Systems 

The world’s largest biotechnology firm is looking toward the future with the construction of a new parking facility entrusted to Carl Walker Construction’s experienced team.  

Roche Molecular Systems requires additional parking on its 63-acre campus as it expands manufacturing and storage capacity to meet increased demand for its medical diagnostic services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Roche didn’t envision an ordinary parking tower, though. In a competitive selection process, Roche chose Carl Walker Construction’s accomplished design/build team to create one that fulfills Roche’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.  

CWC’s design includes the availability of 150 electric vehicle parking stations, and a roof that will accommodate a future solar array.  

During the critical preconstruction process, CWC’s creative team identified opportunities to improve efficiency in traffic flow and increase capacity. By altering the layout, the requested 800-space garage was modified to accommodate 851 spaces, at no additional cost. That’s the type of value you get when choosing to work with specialists who have nearly three decades of knowledge to offer.   

Carl Walker Construction is excited to be partnering with Desman Design Management on this unique project, which broke ground in November and is scheduled to be completed in 14 months.  

Project Highlights
• Industry – Corporate
• Location – Branchburg, NJ 
• Specifications:
851 parking spaces
Five-level, precast concrete with 274,000 sq. ft. of supported area  
Corrugated matted aluminum facade  
Design availability of 150 EV parking stations  
Designed to accommodate future solar array on roof level