Ft. Duquesne & Sixth Parking Garage

The Pittsburgh Parking Authority (PPA) awarded CWC the contract for the repair and preventative maintenance of the Ft. Duquesne and Sixth Parking Garage in the heart of the city’s vibrant cultural district. The project was designed to significantly extend the aging structure’s service life through strengthening of structural elements, concrete repairs, waterproofing, and painting.

Reimagining an Obsolete Design
The facility had been built in two stages: the original garage and a later expansion abutting both Ft. Duquesne Boulevard and 6th Street. The expansion, an outdated type of post-tensioning on a single tee pre-cast system, was in need of structural reinforcing. CWC installed structural steel beams from pre-cast stem to pre-cast stem, greatly strengthening the deck by effectively halving span lengths. After both full-depth and partial-depth concrete repairs, the project was brought to successful on-time completion with some minor plumbing and facade upgrades, sealants, deck coating throughout, and painting steel and concrete elements of the structure. All aspects of the project were self-performed.

Among the significant challenges we faced were PPA’s requirements that the vital garage remain open during the restoration, and that only a limited number of spaces could be closed off at any one time. To adhere to the tight schedule, CWC worked around the clock, performing noisier work during a late shift when fewer patrons would be in the garage.

2021 IPMI Awards of Excellence Logo

We are especially proud that this very difficult and all encompassing project was recognized by the 2021 IPMI Awards of Excellence competition as their BEST FACILITY REHAB OR RESTORATION project. See the June 2021 issue of ‘Parking & Mobility’ for more detail, or click on IPMI Award button provided.

Project Highlights
• Industry – Commercial
• Location – Pittsburgh, PA
• Specifications:
– Complete renovation of a 920-car garage
– New epoxy deck coating and light reflective paint
– Structural strengthening of the expansion garage